The Online Assessment Portfolio of CTB/McGraw-Hill


The Acuity® InFormative Assessment™ solution helps you diagnose, predict, report, communicate, and provide individual instruction — all in one powerful and award-winning solution. Acuity offers a complete and integrated online assessment system for K-12 students, featuring predictive, diagnostic, and interim assessments aligned to state and/or Common Core standards. CTB/McGraw-Hill can also work with educators to create customized assessments and customized items to meet the unique needs of different communities.

CoreLink Services
CoreLink™ Services provide a cost-effective, comprehensive way to help ease the transition to Common Core State Standards. CoreLink Services include online summative assessment products for students in Grades 3-8 that uses a new item bank aligned to the Common Core State Standards. The service also offers a wide array of professional development and psychometric services to help you build a bridge from your existing standards to the Common Core state standards. 

CTB Online Reporting System
The CTB Online Reporting System is a powerful Web-based reporting solution that provides administrators, teachers, and parents with the information to measurably improve student performance. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can quickly and easily access your assessment results, and aggregate and disaggregate data to meet local instructional needs and federal AYP reporting requirements. 

LAS Links Online
LAS Links Online™ provides both diagnostic and summative assessments that accurately assesses Grades 2–12 English language proficiency. Students' spoken and written responses are captured electronically, enabling teachers to score the responses anytime, anywhere. Reading and writing selected-response items are also captured electronically and scored automatically, enabling teachers to turn test results into immediate classroom results and helps schools meet ESEA accountability and reporting requirements.

Writing Roadmap
Writing Roadmap™ is an online writing tool that provides an effective way for students in Grades 3-12 to practice and improve their writing in a variety of styles — from narrative, informative/expository to descriptive and persuasive. Writing Roadmap also provides the tools that teachers need to measure and track writing proficiency in anticipation of state and national writing assessments. 

Yearly ProgressPro
Yearly ProgressPro™ is an award-winning research-based online assessment, instructional, and intervention tool for struggling learners in Grades 1-8. Yearly ProgressPro provides automatic intervention to ensure that instruction is aligned to state and national standards. The National Center on Response to Intervention (RtI) has awarded its highest rank to Yearly ProgressPro for classification accuracy, reliability, validity, and sensitivity to student improvement. 

TABE® remains the most comprehensive and reliable ESL assessment product in the education industry, providing a solid foundation for effectively assessing the skills and knowledge of adult learners. 

  • TABE Online is an online version of TABE 9&10, the premier adult basic skills assessment for English as a Second Language learners. TABE Online provides a flexible system of diagnostic tests and instructional resources to meet the diverse needs of today's adult education market, and it is the only adult basic skills assessment available online to quickly assess skills for training and employment, or to determine readiness to take the high school equivalency exam.
  • TABE Adaptive™ is a computer adaptive version of TABE 9&10, and can individually adjust to the ability level of each student. Administered online, it provides a quick and easy way to measure the skills adults need to succeed on the job and in life.
  • TABE-PC® is a PC-based version of TABE that handles the automated administration, scoring, and reporting of TABE. TABE-PC lets you report results using your own Windows® -based computer. It provides test results immediately and can eliminate errors that occur with hand-scoring or scanning.